Saturday, 23 February 2013

Jenis-jenis sauce (Kind of sauce)

Kind of sauce
1.      Mushroom sauce
Saute mushroom with onion,,reduce it with white wine,,heat brown sauce add mushroom,add cream,salt and pepper
2.      Blackpeppercorn sauce
Saute black pepper reduce with red wine,,add brown stock,,salt & pepper
3.      Red wine sauce
Saute chop shallot with butter,,add red wine,,add brown sauce
4.      Lemon & butter sauce
Heat  Malted butter,,add cream,,lemon juice,salt,pepper,and L&P sauce,,stir until mix
5.      Pesto sauce
Fresh basil,garlic,peanut,ginger,permesan cheese,,blender all item
6.      Bolognaise sauce
Saute mince beef and take it,,saute mirepoix(carrot,onion,celery(brunoise),add tomato paste,,add mice beef,,,add tomato sauce,,and the last add thyme & bayleaf
7.      Carbonara sauce
Saute bacon,,add onion & mushroom,,add white wine reduced,,add cream and eeg yolk(mix)      

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  1. can i get more info about pesto sauce?what type of sauce, etc.. thanks