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Contoh teks story telling

            Berhari-hari tak posting, kali ini mau share tentang teks story telling, dulu waktu lomba story telling disuruh buat teksnya sendiri lalu nyari di internet, karena kurang puas terpaksa harus diedit lagi, tetapi diedit lagi karena teksnya kepanjangan tak cukup 15 menit presentasi, ada juga slide presentasinya yang berisi gambar jalan ceritanya snow white, filenya sudah saya upload di 4shared, bisa didownload di link INI.
            Untuk teksnya ada dibawah, tolong masukkan dan sarannya walau menjatuhkan sekalipun okelah..

Tema               : Folklore
Judul               : Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
Once upon a time, a king and queen lived in a big and beatiful castle. They had everything they wanted, everything except the one thing they wanted most, a child of their own.

The queen        : oh.. i do so wish i had a litle girl as white as snow with cheeks as red as  roses and with hair as black as the window frame.

Soon after the queen had her wish, a litle princess that was her like came, she was name snow white. There was joy and hapiness everywhere and everyone love litle s now white. But soon after, the queen wen away to never never land.
Several years later the king maried a new queen. The new queen was very beautiful to see, which made her very happy. Her greatest wish of all was to be the fairest in the land. Each day , she would stand before her magic mirror and ask the same question everyday.

The queen : mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all ?
The mirror : oh my queen, you are !

            This always make the queen happy because she knew that the mirror spoke the truth. The years went by pleasantly, snow white grew more beautiful each day. Every one loved her, everyone except the queen. One day the queen ask the mirror.

The queen : mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all ?
The mirror : queen, though you are of beauty rare, snow white is by far more fair.

The queen flew int terrible rage.

The queen : that miserable child ! i will find a way to spoil her beauty.

The queen could bear it no longer. The following morning, she call the royal huntsman before her.

The queen : Huntsman, I want you to take snow white into the forest this afternoon, and kill her!
Huntsman : Your majesty! How can you ask this? She was so young and beautiful. Everyone loves her.
The queen : Don’t you dare question my action! I order you to do as I say! If you don’t , you die.
Huntsman : I can do nothing but obey, your majesty.
The queen : Good! But I can be sure you have obeyed me, bring me a sign of your deed!

The huntsman feel to his knees before her.

Huntsman : there is something I must tell you.
Snow white : why on your knees, dear huntsman? No one has to kneel before me .
Huntsman : the queen did not mean for me to simply watch you play here in the forest !

She ordered me to kill you. but i can not do it. run from here, run away as far as you can and never comes near the palace again.
Thanking the merciful huntsman for his kindness, snow white turned and run.
The huntsman then killed a wild pig and bruoght its heart back to the queen. She thought it was snow white’s and was happy again.
After leaving the huntsman, snow white continued running deeper and deeper nto the forest, not knowing which way to go or what to do. Late that afternoon, she came to a clearing. There stood the pretiest litle house she had ever seen. Snow white walked into the cottage, nobody was inside, everything there was so small. Snow white saw very cluttered in the house and she cleaned the room. After that she cooked in the kitchen to prepare the dinner for seven persons according the chairs were already in the dining room, and then she lay down on a bed and feel into a deep sleep. Meanwhile the people who lived in the little cottage were hard at work, they were seven dwarfs who dug in the hills all day, searching for jewels and golds. When the sun went down, the tiny men stopped their work and started for home. After arrived at the cottage they are very shock, they found their house was very clean and some food for dinner  was on the table.

Dwarfs 1 : wow somebody cleaned the house !
Dwarfs 2 : wow somebody cooked dinner !
Dwarfs 3 : wow somebody sleeping in our bed !
All dwarfs : who is she ?

And then snow white waked up. Suddenly, the seven little heads popped up before snow white starled eyes.

Dwarfs 4 : welcome ! hey we are the seven dwarfs . who are you ?
Snow white : i’m sorry to come in without asking, my name is snow white.

And then snow white told them her story, The seven dwarfs felt pity and allowed snow white to stay with them. On the other hand the Queen through the magic mirror has snow white is still alive and living with the 7 Dwarves the Queen was very angry and tries to kill snow white by way of drinking the concoction that turned it into an elderly grandmother, and then sfhe brings the poison apple to give to snow white. Meanwhile in a morning the seven dwarfs went to work, the dwrafs warned snow white about the queen.

Dwarf 1 : she’s not to be trusted one of these days, she’ll find out you’re here and will tray to harm you. So be carefull ! don’t let anyone into the house.

The queen left the palace and went through the forest to the home of the seven dwarfs. After arrived at the dwarfs home and found snow white there, The Queen offers the poison Apple to snow white, and she refused it, but because of the continued forced finally she willing to try the Apple.
The queen : there is nothing to be afraid of my dear. I’ll show you, I’ll cut the apple in half and I’ll eat half of myself. You may have the nice rosy half, this apple is truly delicious.
Snow white’s mouth was fairly watering for the luscious looking fruit. When the queen took a big bite of her half of the apple. Poor snow white could no longer bear it. She took the other half and bit into it. After that she instantly feel to the floor and knew nothing more.

The queen run straight back to the palace, she drank another magic poison which restored her to her natural self. And then she went before her magic mirror.

The quenn : mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all ?
The mirror : oh my queen, you are !
The quenn : ha..haaa..haaa..

Meanwhile the dwarfs came home from their day’s work. They was very shock to found snow white lied on the floor just like died. The seven little men carried snow white to the bed. They had built for her. They did everything, they could to bring her back to life but nothing helped.
Dwarfs 1 : though we can not wake her, we must watch over her and protect her from harm.

              So they made a beautiful casket of glass so snow white could be seen from every side. Then they carried   the casket to the top of nearby hill and rested it among the flowers and trees. From that day on, only six dwarfs went to work  because one of them accompany snow white every day, so that she was never alone. Months and years went by, all this time, one of the dwarfs was always near snow white., hoping she would soon awaken. One day when birds flew overhead and perched on the glass casket, and singing sweetly. A handsome prince came riding up the hill toward where snow white was sleeping. He met the dwarf and talked.

The prince : tell me sir, who is this beautiful maiden who sleeps thus in a glass casket ?
The dwarf : she is the princess, snow white, she was poisoned by the queen many years ago.
The prince : Many years ago ? why she is so beautiful and looks so fresh, I tell you sir, I have fallen in love with this sleeping beauty. May I kiss her ?

            And the dwarf let the prince to kiss snow white. As snow white’s lips touched with love’s first kiss, her eyes fluttered open and sat up, as though she were awakening from along sleep.

Snow white : what was happened ? why was I in this casket ?

            The dwarf told snow white all that had happened and then run off to call the other dwarfs.

The prince : I loved you the moment I saw you. Dear snow white, will you be my wife ?
Snow white : yes, dear awakener.

            The seven dwarfs were enjoyed to find snow white truly awake and going to marry the prince. They all started for the prince’s castle.
And what a grand wedding there was. All the people in the prince’s land joined in the celebration which lasted for days and days. It just so happened that that on snow white’s wedding day, the wicked queen stood before her magic mirror.

The quenn : mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all ?
The mirror :  though you are of beauty rare, snow white is by far more fair. She is now alive and well, standing happy neath a wedding bell.

            The queen become so furious, she went completely mad. She run through the forest, never to be seen or heard again. As for snow white the prince, and the seven dwarfs, they all lived happily ever after.

Semoga membantu...

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